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Louie The pizza maker

New Game: Papa Louie 3

Maybe Papa Louie called the most famous pizza chef of the entire Internet. This chef is a creation of the game studio Flip Line Studios. He is the main character in a number of platform games, this is Papa Louie 1, 2, 3 and 4. There are also a large number of restaurant-made games, the most popular are: Freezeria, CupCakeria, Donuteria Taco Mia and Pancakeria. In all these cooking games you have to run a restaurant itself.

​​Run your own Donuteria

Do you think donuts also so good? Then Papa's Donuteria is really something for you! Take the order on your customers and then goes donuts bake and decorate with candy. Make sure you do not make mistakes in the order and does everything a little pace. Speed ​​is very important to keep your customers happy. Donuts are sweet cakes with a hole in it, usually it is done with a little sugar over glaze.

Delicious pizza baking

Papa Louie bakes the best pizzas in the world and is therefore very popular among its customers. You're also super busy. Bake the pizzas in the pizza oven and give them the right toppings such as mozzarella, sausage, tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, onions and many other ingredients. Cut the pizza into 12 pieces and put them into a pizza box. Good luck with running your own Pizza Hut.

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