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Mischief with Shin Chan

New Game: Bike Rider Shin Chan

Play here with the funniest guy of the school Shinchan! There have been a lot of episodes with this cute cartoon. He is known for his bare buttocks dance and thick eyebrows. On Youtube you can find many fragments. This Japanese toddler is not afraid of a dirty joke or prank. With his friends Bo, Cosmo and Max he experiences all kinds of adventures.

Break the rules with Shinchan

Shin Chan lives with his father, mother and white dog in Japan. They eat lots of rice and they eat with chopsticks. In each episode, he shows his butt! And he always tries to decorate girls, to the annoyance of his mother. She gives him why sometimes an ocher note and calls him a rascal. In this adventure game you can play along with Shin Chan mischief. The aim is to collect as much as possible sweets, without anyone noticing it. Especially his father and mother can not get is watching him, because there'll be trouble.

It's time muchacho

This joker is himself a fan of superhero Muchacho and for him it is always muchacho time. Itself is also a kind of super hero, because he is the best in mischief and bare buttocks dance. Experience with Shinchan the most fun adventures with this cool game. Look after that some episodes of this funny cartoon and then you laugh again trained for a day. We are all double by the antics of these dangle. He might be a little weird, but because this kid is just very funny. He is ready for a new adventure, you help him in this? Make sure he collects all the sweets. Good luck.

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