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Zootopia and Zootropolis games

New Game: Judy And Nick Police Disaster

Zootropolis the 55th 3D animated film from Walt Disney. This children's film is set in a large animal city. We have been on this page, the cutest animals Zootopia games collected for you. This is an international film that is super polulair both young and old. Many movies records again achieved by this very funny Disney movie. In America it is called children's Zootopia. The film is directed by: Rich Moore and Byron Howard.

Lt. Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps is a rabbit or hare, is one of the main characters of Zootopia. You can in this children's games also play another character, such as Nick Wild red fox, Chief Bogo the buffalo, sheep or Bellwether Clawhauser the cheetah. There are still a lot to find more animals in this great animal kingdom!

Hunt crooks

The city Zootopia animals live all the animals together in different districts, there are rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods. As in any city, in this city joyful ok criminals and bandits, these must be combated. Lt. Judy Hopps here takes over the lead. Make the city safe again, free of crooks! Have fun playing this fun animal games!

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